Consulting and Publishing Services

Coaching & Support for eLearning Projects

Over the years, we often get requests from professionals like you to help with their eLearning projects. To this effect, we published 10 Steps to Make Online Courses, and are in the process of building a full course to teach you how to do it. This course is designed to help teachers, professionals and anyone with a passion to share their experience, knowledge or ideas with the world.

With decades of experience in all aspects of eLearning, including running an eLearning business, we can assist you.

What will that help look like? It totally depends on you. We can provide you with bi-weekly webinars where you join other passionate people in learning about course design, curriculum development, video production, online course publishing, etc.

Alternatively, we can set up one-to-one private coaching sessions that will fit your schedule and budget to get you where you want to be.

We’re open to discussing your needs, send us an email to start the conversation. In any case, any confidential information you provide us about your course idea will remain classified.

Video Production Services

We specialize in Educational Video Production, Editing and Publishing.

Not only can we develop the actual course for you, but we can also take care of the video production processes (script, record & edit)  and publish your material in full multimedia to the web, your intranet or on DVD for your exclusive use.

We can edit videos you recorded in your facility or at seminars you conducted, and return those to you in a high-definition or/and web-ready format for publishing wherever you want. Working with you, we can add your graphics, logos, lower thirds and all the niceties that will make your video look professional. All this at very affordable prices.

We can publish Educational and Promotional Videos for Social media, your website, or YouTube.

Here are some examples of videos we can produce for you:

  • product training videos for distributors or sales team
  • new employees onboarding training series
  • corporate events and training videos
  • technical and safety training videos
  • shareholders meetings (private/secure posting)
  • seminars, webinars and online meetings

Online Course Hosting & Marketing

After successfully publishing online courses for almost a decade, we’re pretty good at it, and we can help you.

If you have a course that is ready to go, we can help you by publishing it on our website. Leave the technology to us, and for a small % of the sale price, we will make it available in our course library to our visitors.
By the way, unlike other sites where you can offer your courses, here YOU keep the lion share of the selling price.

We take care of all the secure payment processing, and you get a regular sales report that keeps you informed of your success -with a monthly cheque or e-transfer.

We will help you market your course on your website by providing you with marketing content that you can use.

Should you need it, we offer a search engine optimization (SEO) and social marketing service via one of our partners.

Let us help you.

We have the solution you are looking for.